Our Crew


Kim working on our Class C’s shocks

Kim has a very diverse background, she is our Jane of all trades. When something breaks, she grabs a tool and fixes it. If we don’t have said tool in the toolbox, she turns into MacGyver.

When we “retired” she was a store manager for a regional grocery chain. She worked in some form of retail for over 20 years. She has the best customer service voice and smile. Back off Karen!

Amidst her stint in retail, Kim did serve in the US Army as a generator/diesel mechanic. She was a proud LEG in the 82nd Airborne and spent a year in Baghdad. We are all very proud of her.

She grew up in a DIY kind of family, and learned to work with just about every aspect of home improvement. She has never built a house, but if you give her a piece of gum, a straw, and an old Topps baseball card, she can put up a load bearing wall.

Kim is a GI bill graduate from the University of Arizona. Bear Down! She is a beer snob, and can tell you what part of the country, down to the acre of the land lot, the hops came from for said concoction. (Kidding. We like to joke.) She loves music, and her tastes go from Garth to Skrillex to STP to CCR, etc.


Shannon trying to catch a drop for good luck at the Ohio Caverns (One of our top Harvest Host stays)

Shannon grew up thinking that if something needed to get done, you could pay someone to do it. Then, she met Kim.

Shannon graduated from college, and worked a Monday through Friday job for years. She and Kim met, la la la, got married, bought some cars, bought some houses, and got swept up in the “American dream”. However, with that dream comes debt and stress, and fun health issues.

Shannon likes bourbon. Shannon likes well written and quirky television shows. She likes people that speak eloquently. Also, she can’t pass up a good bowl of Pho, or some yummy crab cakes. Her favorite band is Garbage. Shirley Manson is a goddess.


Alice is our first cat child. Actually, she is more like a cat dog. She talks, begs, and jumps onto any empty lap in the room. If you hate cats, she will change your mind.

Alice loves to travel, and all of her meow’s sound like, “Mom, mom, mom…”. We have had to pull over the car and threaten to turn around and go back home. Then, we remember, we are driving our home, so that really does not make any sense. Onward!

Alice can get cranky, and has the purrfect WTF cat face. Since her moms adopted Bailey, she leaves us puke offerings. We have a find the puke game while she hides, usually ending in someone stepping in it.

We do love our cranky old lady. She is the best cuddler, and will always tell you when the litter box needs cleaned. She is a shit, but we love her.


Bailey is our baby. We thought she was part main coon, and that she would grow like one. Rather, she grew out. Kim always wanted a fat cat, and she is it.

We think she is related to Garfield. She will eat anything. As a baby, she would climb into the sink, pull out the baffle, and eat whatever was left in there. She is our “chunker munker”, our term of endearment. Sometimes, we use her for bicep curls.

Bailey is not a great hunter, but loves to watch the wildlife. We tested her abilities by cornering her when she would do something bad. As a defense, she would cower and let out the most rank farts. Maybe she has some skunk in her.

We do love our little, but not so little, Bailey. As much as she talks back, we still love her. She’s our insect killer. Sure beats expensive sprays and traps.

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